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Webwire is a contract-first API system which features an interface description language, a network protocol and code generator for both servers and clients.

This repository contains the documentation sources used to generate the website at https://webwire.dev/.


Building blocks

Unique selling points

  • Webwire generates client and server code which is ready to run. The generated code contains everything to make requests and implement services.

  • Webwire supports both stateless unidirectional communication and and stateful bidirectional communication. This makes it a perfect fit for application that require some kind of real-time update from the server without the client having to poll for updates.

  • Webwire validates requests and responses. If data does not match the given schema an error is raised an the data is not processed any further.

  • Webwire is modelled after programming languages and not after a serialization format. Therefore types like UUID, Date and Time are part of the specification even if the used serialization format does not support them. When using a serialization format which does not support those types natively (e.g. JSON) they are encoded as string. This is transparent to the user of webwire.

  • Webwire has a special type called fieldset. Fieldsets can be used to construct a struct out of another struct by picking a subset of fields. This is especially useful when designing APIs where multiple endpoints use almost the same structure which just differs in a few fields.

Non goals

  • Webwire can not be used to describe existing APIs. Webwire only makes sense as a whole package. The IDL, protocol, code generator and libraries all make a complete package and leaving out one or the other just doesn't make any sense. If you need to document an existing API have a look at OpenAPI.